First Families of Blair County

First Families is open to anyone who can prove he or she is a direct descendant of an 1846 resident of the area now known as Blair County.  Applications are now being accepted.  The application form, including information on fees, and detailed instructions, may be downloaded by clicking here.



Membership requirements:


1. Any person is eligible if they can prove they are a direct descendant of a Blair County resident in 1846.

2. Illegitimacy is not grounds for denial.

3. A one-time non-refundable application fee of $25.00 must accompany application on submission.

4. Sufficient proof of descent of every ancestor claimed to form the direct line must be provided. After application is reviewed you may be notified whether further documentation is needed. The application can be resubmitted with additional proof without additional expense.

5. Applicants who have had their descent approved will receive a certificate from the First Families of Blair County Pennsylvania.

6. Deadline for applications is December 31 for induction the following year.

7. A brief biographical sketch for each early settler claimed would also be appreciated, but is optional.

8. This application becomes the property of The Blair County Genealogical Society and will be remain private unless permission is given otherwise.

9. The ancestral charts will be used for a First Family publication. Please share as much information as you can.

10. The documentation (bible records, etc.) will become the property of the society unless you request otherwise. This information may be used at a later date for publications in the Society.


Application instructions


1. Submit the completed application with photocopies of proof documents. Do not send original documents. Photocopies should be 8 ½ by 11 and legible whenever possible.

2. Do not use highlighter, staples, tape of any kind, white-out products or labels.

3. Print or type your full name on back of each document submitted.

4. Organize your proof documents by generation before beginning to number them. Number each piece of evidence in the upper-right hand corner according to corresponding number on the documentation record sheet.

5. Use full names of all persons, include maiden name for all females.

6. Married females must include a photocopy of their marriage record.

7. Divorce records are required to show name change from previous marriage.

8. Proof of ancestor’s residency in Blair County, 1846, must be furnished.

9. Use genealogical format for dates, Example: 7 Feb. 2007

10. Documents must include proper documentation. (Title, page number, volume number, town, borough, and/or township, etc.) Microfilm must show reel number and full name of microfilm/fiche etc.



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