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Blair County Genealogical Society has published over 165 books which are available for sale.  These publications contain various vital records.  The Society is continuously preparing new titles and welcomes the opportunity to print private works if they pertain to the area.  All publications are 8 1/2 x 11 softcover on acid-free paper.

Shipping: $4.00 for first item, $2.00 each additional item to the same address.


PA Residents must add 6% Sales Tax.


BCGS Publications



  # Publication Pages Price
1Blair County Tax Records, 184619812.00
2St. John's Cemetery, Altoona, Pa.: From Cemetery Records and Tombstone Inscriptions1118.00
3Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery: From Tombstone Inscriptions, Cemetery Maps, and Various Records19012.00
4Some Blair County, PA, Cemeteries in Hollidaysburg Borough: Greenlawn, Holliday, Jackson, Old and New St. St. Mary's-Union1168.00
5Stevens Mortuary, Altoona, Pa.: From mortuary records July 16, 1883 - December 31, 191024612.00
61859 Map of Blair County, Pa.: From a Rare Map Owned by Richard D. Gority12.00
8Lutheran Cemetery, Newry, PA: From Cemetery Records and Tombstone Inscriptions445.00
10St. Patrick's Church Records, Newry, Transcribed from the original church records. Volume 1, 1828-1844. Volume 2, 1845-190728118.00
11Carson Valley Cemetery, Carson Valley, Pennsylvania: from Tombstone Inscriptions, Mortuary Records and Obituaries (Allegheny Township)17715.00
12Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, Hollidaysburg & Frankstown, PA, 1824-192328315.00
13Lafferty & Tobias Funeral Home, Altoona, Pa.: From Mortuary Records, 16 April 1907 - 31 Dec. 191813712.00
14McFarland Funeral Home Records, Hollidaysburg, Pa., 1837-1932: from Seven Actual Ledgers24512.00
15Earliest Rhodes of Bedford, Blair, Huntingdon, Mifflin & Somerset Counties of Pennsylvania, by Marie Leighty Engel28823.00
16Trinity United Methodist Church, Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania (1870-1976)19212.00
17Article Extracts & Indexes, 1872-1892: From the Files of the Morrison Cove Herald, Martinsburg, Blair County, PA., by James Boor and Jan Oberle12.00
18Marriage Application Records, Blair County, Pa.: Vol. 1, October 1885-189044325.00
19Fairview Cemetery, Altoona, Pa.: From Cemetery Records and Tombstone Inscriptions48530.00
20Early Parish Records of St. John Gaulbert Co-Cathedral, Johnstown, PA23623.50
21Articles, Extracts & Indexes from the Files of the Morrison Cove Herald, Martinsburg, 1892-1896, Vol. 2, by James Boor and Jan Oberle11.00
22Special Edition from the Files of the Morrison Cove Herald, Martinsburg, Vol. 3, by James Boor and Jan Oberle9.00
23St. Mary's Church Records, Altoona, PA: Deaths and Marriages, 1862-1888 Copied from Church Records: St. Mary's Cemetery, Altoona, PA Copied from Tombstone Inscriptions15111.00
25Vicksburg Grace Brethren Church, R.D. 1, Box 555, Brookes Mills, Hollidaysburg, Pa. 16648: From Church Records, Tombstone Inscriptions, Cemetery Map, 1886-1977335.00
26Logan Valley Presbyterian Church, Bellwood, Pa.: From Church Record Books 1, 2, 3 & 4 (1837-1934) and Sunday School Records 1899-195317812.00
27Fouss Funeral Home, Bellwood, Pa.: 1914-1961 From Mortuary Records23015.00
28St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, 1879-1943 and Lutheran Chapel or Clapper's Lutheran Church Records. 1859 - 1860, Martinsburg12711.00
30Liebegott Funeral Home: Coffin Purchases, Duncansville, PA: From Store Ledgers & Funeral Home Ledgers, 1891 - 1942917.50
31Evangelical Lutheran Church: 1206 Fourth Avenue, Duncansville, Pennsylvania From Church Records, 1847-196824016.50
32Hickey-O'Neill Funeral Home Records, Altoona, Pa Vol. 1: 1897-191149125.00
33St. John's Lutheran Church: Clover Creek, Pa., and Cemetery From Church Record Book #2, 7/1/1882-1975947.50
341850 Juniata Township Census Records, by Betty (Riley) Smith.444.00
351850 Freedom Township Census Records2.00
36Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Williamsburg, Pa.: From Church Records, 1837-19291167.50
37Sinking Valley Presbyterian Church, Sinking Valley, Pa.: From Church Records Books 1, 2, & 3 and Cemetery Records, 1853-195818813.50
38Fourth Street Presbyterian Church Records, 1916-1955 Altoona13310.50
39Tyrone Township Cemeteries, Blair County, Pa.: From Tombstone Inscriptions and Other Sources17512.00
40Marriage Application Records, Blair County, PA: Vol. 2 1891-1892-189333024.00
41The Descendants of Michael Moyer, by Julie Moyer12.00
42First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania, 1857-191528121.00
44Clar - Biography of John Simon Clar, by Larry Smith12.50
46Cemeteries of Freedom Twp.: Freedom Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania13112.00
471860 Frankstown Township Census Records, by Kathie Weigel & Karla Tipton5.00
48Huston Township Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions, with additional research notes from local records10.50
491850 Huston Township Census Records5.00
501850 Tyrone Township Census Records5.00
51St. Leo The Great Catholic Church Death Records, Altoona 1932-1959696.00
52The Igou Family, by Robert B. Roller10.00
53Altoona City Hall Births, Altoona, Pennsylvania: From the Original Doctors and Midwife Certificates, 1886-190568745.00
54Hickey O'Neill Mortuary Records, Altoona, 1912-1921, Vol. 226119.00
55The Burley Family, by Robert B. Roller10.00
561850 Allegheny Township Census Records, by Billie Danemark & Arlene Rainelli7.50
571850 Antis Township Census Records, by Billie Danemark & Arlene O'Keiff Rainelli767.50
581850 Blair Township Census Records, by Billie Danemark & Arlene Rainelli5.00
591850 Frankstown Township Census Records5.00
60Ancestral Chart Book, Vol. 18.00
61Lafferty-Tobias Funeral Home Records, 1919-1923, Altoona, Blair County, PA, compiled and indexed by Jim Snyder and Jim Boor16210.00
62Lafferty-Tobias Funeral Home Records, 1924-1927: Altoona, Blair County, PA From Actual Records, compiled by Jim Snyder and Jim Boor14210.50
631850 Woodbury Township Census Records, by Betty Smith and Kathie Lytle6.00
64Ancestral Chart Book, Vol. 28.00
65Semi Centennial History of Blair County, 189615.00
661850 Catherine Township Census5.00
671850 Greenfield Township Census5.00
68Hickey-O'Neill Funeral Home Records, Volume 3, 1921-1941: From Funeral Home Records13.50
69Ancestral Chart Book, Vol. 38.00
70Lafferty-Tobias-Laughlin Funeral Home, 1928-193310.50
711850 Snyder Township Census Records, by Betty Smith5.00
72St. Paul's Lutheran Church records, Altoona, 1890-1961, by Rachelle & Toby Civils10.50
731850 N. Woodberry Township Census Records, by Betty Smith6.00
74Rosehill Cemetery, Logan Township, Blair Co., Pa: From Cemetery Interment Records and Tombstones Vol. 1, A-L, by Leora Rabuck53930.00
75Rosehill Cemetery, Logan Township, Blair Co., Pa.: From Cemetery Interment Records and Tombstones Vol. 2, M-Z, by Leora Rabuck42630.00
Items 74 & 75, if purchased together as a set = $55.00 + $3.00 shipping/handling to the same address.
77Ancestral Chart Book, Vol. 48.00
78German Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, Tyrone, PA, 1854-19196.00
79Marriage Application Records, Blair County, Vol. 3, 1894-189624.00
80Saleme Funeral Home Records, 1938-198119.00
81Blair County Directory for 1870-1871, by J. H. Lant12810.50
82Master Index for BCGS Newsletter, Vol. 1-19, 1980-1998, Jan Oberle, editor867.50
83Wolf Funeral Home Records, Vol. 1, 1912-192322.00
84Ancestral Charts of BCGS Society Members, Vol. 5 Indexed1168.00
85Wolf Funeral Home Records, Vol. 2, 1923-194122.00
86Wolf Funeral Home Records, Vol. 3, 1942-194922.00
87Stevens Mortuary Records, Altoona, 1911-1914767.50
88Autobiographies of David Lewis the Robber12.00
89Church of St. Mary, Baptismal Records, Hollidaysburg, 1844-1920 Copied and typed from original records by Evelyn Antenucci15112.00
90Huyett Family, by Robert B. Roller9.00
91A Family History, 1829, by George Adam Domer15410.50
92Presenting Altoona's Civil War Veterans, by June Weston5.00
93Altoona Tribune Coverage of the Civil War, 1861, by June Weston10.50
94Altoona Tribune Coverage of the Civil War, 1862, by June Weston13.50
95Altoona Tribune Coverage of the Civil War, 1863, by June Weston10.50
96Ancestral Chart Book, Vol. 68.00
97Mt. Moriah Royal Arch #166, Sesquicentennial Edition, 1849-19991079.00
9898-101 Register of Deaths 1920-1922 & 1935-1937 P-S, Compiled by Archie Claar28021.00
102Scrapbook of Frederick Jaekel, 1881-1906 (obits & articles), Indexed by Jan Oberle.21815.00
103Antis & Charlottesville Cemeteries, Antis Township 1209.00
104Laughlin Funeral Home Records, Altoona, 1934-193921315.00
105Greenwood and Hutchison Cemeteries, Altoona15212.00
106Laughlin Funeral Home Records, Altoona, 1940-194419.00
107Tax Records, 1842, 1843, Woodberry Township, Huntingdon County (now Blair County)  Contains 1) County and state duplicate tax, 1842; 2) Poor tax, 1842;  3) Poor tax farms of Williamsburg, 1842, and 4) School tax, 1843.  Indexed.12.00
108Altoona Tribune Coverage of the Civil War, 1864, by June Weston. Indexed. 1189.00
109Bedford County Will Abstracts, 1770-184914810.50
110Huntingdon County Will Abstracts, 1787-184722515.00
111World War II - Military Newspaper Clippings.  A Tribute to Our Men and Women in the Service. Volume 132924.00
112World War II - Military Newspaper Clippings.  A Tribute to Our Men and Women in the Service. Volume 2 
113World War II - Military Newspaper Clippings.  A Tribute to Our Men and Women in the Service. Volume 3 
114World War II - Military Newspaper Clippings.  A Tribute to Our Men and Women in the Service. Volume 4 
115Altoona Tribune Coverage of the Civil War 186513810.50
116Illustrated Altoona.  A Complete Pen-picture of the City of Altoona, Pennsylvania, at the Close of the Year 1895.  Charles B. Clark.  Reprint of edition published by the Board of Trade, Altoona, PA, 1896.12.00
117Grandview Cemetery, Tyrone45030.00
118Archie Claar Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 132022.00
119Archie Claar Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 230021.00
120Archie Claar Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 329621.00
Items 118, 119 & 120, if purchased together as a set = $55 plus $4.00 shipping/handling to the same address
121Calvary & St. John's Cemetery, 1893-190024.00
122Altoona Tribune Death & Marriage Abstracts 1858-187215312.00
123Laughlin Funeral Home Records 1946-195023816.50
124Ledger of S. Mason. Magistrate records, marriage, etc 1840s9.00
125Tragic Deaths of Duncansville People6.00
126John P. Lafferty Funeral Home Records 1889 - 190716612.00
127Rev. Wm. Smith Estate Ledger, 1792 - 1796, Huntingdon Co. PA6.00
128R. Smith Session Docket Records 1794 - 1797, Huntingdon Co. PA10.50
1291875 Diary of James McMasters, abstract6.00
1301875 Diary of James McMasters, abstract and original copy27.00
131Chronicles of James C. McKee, U.S. Army Surgeon5.00
132Dr. David C. Confer, Birth Registry 1906-193510.50
133Civil War Veterans Obits, Articles and Photos 1861 - 1880
1341876-1877 Altoona Tribune Death and Marriage Abstracts957.50
135Civil War Veteran's Obits, Articles, and Photos 1881-1890
136Civil War Veteran's Obits, Articles, and Photos 1891-1895
137Grandview Cemetery Logan Township, Blair Co. PA1139.00
138St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church Records, Tyrone, PA15312.00
139Historical Sketches of Morrison's Cove (Reprint)22.00
140Genealogy of the Keller Family, by Linda Shillinger22.00
141Genealogy of the Keller Family, by Linda Shillinger, w Obituaries, 2 volumes55.00
142Genealogy of the Claycomb(e) Family, by Mary Alice Claycombe Adney (Reprint).22.00
143Genealogy of Rev. Johan Heinrich Hammer, Hessian Solider16.50
144St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, Newry, PA, 200510.50
145Orphan's Court Docket A, Huntingdon County, PA, 1788-180410.50
146Hickey Funeral Home Records, 1941-1953907.50
147The Pennsy Railroad Shops History, 1895: Clippings from the Morning Tribune; indexed10.50
148Salem Lutheran Church Records 1805-1877: From LDS microfilm6.00
149Tyrone Borough Deaths, 1881-1931, indexed9.00
150The Jacob Snyder & Catherine Poststetter Family28.00
151Tragic Deaths of Duncansville People, Vol. 26.00
152Civil War Veterans' Obituaries, Articles & Photos, 1896-1900
153Art Work of Blair County & A Historical Sketch of Blair County by Charles Clark.  BCGS.  Reprint of 1893 edition. - 90 full pages of photos9.00
153Art Work of Blair County & A Historical Sketch of Blair County CD Edition - 90 full pages of photos10.00
154Bedford Gazette Deaths, 1878-191417510.50
155Simpson Methodist Church Records, 1881-1943, Altoona, PA17512.00
156Civil War Veterans' Obituaries, Articles Letters & Photographs, 1901-1905
157Oak Ridge Cemetery Altoona, PA, 1878-200644030.00
158The Descendants of Joseph Snider, 1765-1824 (Bedford County)19.00
159Civil War Veterans' Obituaries, Articles & Photos, 1906-1910
160The Peter Kratzert Family 1864-2010, Hollidaysburg Blair County, PA15.00
161Hollidaysburg & Gaysport Pictorial History10.50
1621772-1814 Orphan's Court Records of Bedford County(Abstracts)9.00
163Church Records of Greenfield Congregation, 1818-18596.00
164Altoona Scrapbook of Musical Memories, 1900-200030.00
165Altoona's Storied Street, From Whiskey Row to Expressway, 1849-1938, by Joe Conlon30.00
166Altoona Scrapbook of Bowling Memories, 1930-1978, by Herman Nagle7.50
167Blair County First Families Collection24516.50
168Altoona Scrapbook of Baseball Memories 1900 - 1960 by Herman Nagle48233.00
169The Claar History by Archie Claar and Dr. Merle J Thomas51633.00
170Altoona's Memories Scrapbook by Herman Nagle55838.00
171Altoona's Cricket Field 1870 - 1960 by Joseph Conlon11210.50
172Dear Aunt Rose by Herman Nagle – Letters from young servicemen 1918 – 19457.50
173Altoona Catholic Goes To War697.50
174Great Uncle Ed - 30 Years in the U.S. Navy 1897-1927495.00
175Veterans Photo Album Vol I (Service Between 1936 and 1949)
176WWII Military Clippings Vol. 5
177WWII Military Clippings Vol. 6
178WWII Military Clippings Vol. 7
179Veteran's Photo Album Vol. 2 (Service between 1936 and 1949)
180Early Local Marriage Clippings Vol. 1
181Civil War Veteran's Obits, Articles & Photos 1911-1912 by June Weston22515.00
182Wiliamsburg, PA 175th Founder's Day 1790-1965 (reprint)18012.00
183 The History of Avalon Hall (Let's Square Dance) 1957-1968 By: Herman Nagle1637.50
184George Woods and Dr. John Anderson Documents Surname Index, Description of Documents, and Monograph 1760s - 1830s6.00
185Pennsylvania Railroad Altoona Machine Shops Employee List 1882 - 188730025.00
186Highland Hall School Alumni Index 1867-1940 By Dave & Cindy Rajala6.00


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